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Date Dog Breed Title Location Price Pic
Mar 26 Bulldog Insert title here. Los Angeles, CA $150
Mar 25 Any Amazing teacup pomeranian puppies Los Angeles, CA $400
Mar 21 Golden Retriever Golden Retriever Puppies AKC Peoria, AZ $1200
Mar 20 French Bulldog French Bulldog Puppy For Sale Los Angeles, CA $1650
Mar 18 Any Wannted Chowchilla, CA $0 NO
Mar 18 Any MP Barkery & Boutique Prescott Valley, AZ $0 NO
Mar 13 Any Please help Santa Paula, CA $0
Mar 12 Yorkshire Terrier Absolutely Healthy Yorkie Puppy Los Angeles, CA $500 NO
Mar 6 Any Ocelot , Caracal and Serval Kittens for Los Angeles, CA $2000
Feb 20 Siberian Husky Siberian Husky Puppies Available Phoenix, AZ $350
Feb 20 Poodle Bed Bugs San Francisco CA, Bed Bug Exter Redwood City, CA $0 NO
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